In the recent years, Pure Local Wild Honey are rarely found. It may only be obtained during certain season in every years. Most of the places, had no longer producing Pure Wild Honey due to unidentified climate changes.

Most of the time, the market are supplied with claimed to be
"Madu Lebah Asli & Madu Lebah Tualang" during off Wild Honey Season.

These "Madu Lebah Asli & Madu Lebah Tualang" being imported from our neighbors country.

The pureness of the so called "Pure Honey" is still questionable.
To name a few unanswerable questionnaire are...
a. The taste & smell of the product is self is never similar to our Local Pure Wild Honey.
b. The contact number given is always an unanswerable fax or not in service.
c. The quoted retail price is cheaper comparing to the afford & cost made to obtain the Pure Wild Honey.
d. The so called "Madu Lebah Asli & Madu Lebah Tualang" will flooded the local markets during off season for Local Wild Honey with a non stop supply.

The non genuine Wild Honey, are mixed with alien ingredients such as Kapur (to make it feel heat), Air Gula (to turn it sweet), Gula Melaka (To maintain the colour) to name a few.

Consumer, in other hand did not realised the different between the Wild Honey & the Normal Honey.

The wild honey - The nectar collected by the bee from various type of flowers from highlands (Madu Tualang - Pokok Tinggi) & Lowlands (Madu Liar)

The Normal Honey - The nectar collected by the bee from a single type of flowers nearby to the farm.

Madu Liar bersumber dari nektar bunga hutan yang sangat misteri lalu dikumpulkan dan di olah menjadi madu lebah oleh lebah liar hutan, Apis Dorsata. Keistimewaan dan khasiat madu lebah ini sangat tinggi kerana nektarnya terdiri dari pelbagai jenis bunga hutan alam nusantara (poliflora) sehingga komposisi gizi, rasa, warna dan aromanya lebih kompleks dan unggul dibanding madu lebah yang berasal dari lebah ternak yang bersumber dari satu jenis bunga tertentu sahaja (monoflora).

Many people keep asking on the best method to differentiate the Original Pure Wild Honey with the fake...from ants test to freezer, using eggs until bubble appearance as well as smell & effects...

The best answer are :-
1- Know your Supplier - Reliable.
2- The smell, taste & effect - Malay proverbs says " Hnaya Jauhari Yang Mengenal Manikam"
3- It is our secret ...HOWEVER I am willing to reveal it to anyone who had purchased our product {MADU LEBAH ASLI DARI PAHANG}